MacAdmin Monthly

A meetup that focuses on helping Sys Admins administer deployments of Macs and iOS devices.


Meetings take place at 4:30pm Eastern time on the second Tuesday of each month. The physical meeting is in NY, but we also stream the meeting via video, so you can participate no matter where you are.

We welcome everyone involved with managing Apple technology, no matter your experience level or the size of the fleet you manage.

Our first meeting took place on the 6th of December, 2011 at Google NYC.

Not in NY? Can't make the meeting because it's not convenient in your time zone? Join a local chapter! No local chapter? Start one! Chapter list that we know about is here.

Next Meeting

Please see the meetings page.


You can find out more about the meetups and ask questions using the following resources:

Mailing list

Group - Discussion of the MacAdminMonthly group itself.


Find us at @MAMonthly.


We have a Slack channel on the macadmins Slack - sign up here:, and join #macadminmonthly.


Streaming Video

We use Streamyard to broadcast the meeting. You can find the stream and join in the discussion by hopping in the #MacAdminMonthly channel on macadmins Slack listed in "Resources".

In person

If you're attending in person, please enter the Google building using the 8th Avenue entrance at 111 8th Avenue. Tell the guard at the desk you're attending a meeting at Google, and let them give you a building pass. Take an elevator to the 11th floor. More info on the meetings page.

Meetings start at 4:30pm (US Eastern time) and end approximately 5:30pm.