MacAdmin Monthly

A meetup that focuses on helping Sys Admins administer large deployments of Macs and iOS devices.


We're a group of people that meet to discuss issues surrounding managing a large fleet of Macintosh computers in a business environment. We meet in New York City and via video streaming.

We meet at Google on the second Tuesday of every month. All levels of experience are welcome, including anyone managing Macs in any size environment, as are the merely curious. Meetings are technically oriented — we come to solve the issues. Attendance is free.

Looking for something closer to you? Join or form a local chapter!

Our goal is to have a featured topic or two. You are invited to bring questions, stories, and quick demos for ad hoc show-and-tell.

Contact Edward Marczak if you have questions or would like to volunteer to speak.

Join our Google Group for meeting announcements and to post questions.