meetup that focuses on helping Sys Admins administer large deployments of Macs and iOS devices.


When: Tuesday, 9 Jan, 2018 - 4:30pm Eastern Time.

Who: Ed, Ed, all of you.

What: Oooooohhh...stuff to talk about. iMac Pro! Imaging! Meltdown! Spectre! Yeesh. Also, if you haven't, please fill out our questionnaire:

Where: We broadcast via Google Hangouts here:

We have a Slack channel on the macadmins Slack - sign up here:, and join #macadminmonthly. This is where we announce meetings, and discuss topics during meetings (if you are watching the stream-only version).

This allows you to join from your desk, or anywhere. If you're in NY and would like to join in person, please meet us by 4:15pm at the Google NYC Offices: 111 8th Avenue, NY, NY.

If you're attending in person

Please enter the Google building at 111 8th Avenue. (The A, C, E, and L subways emerge directly under 111 8th Ave.) Enter the building at the entrance closest to 15th Street. Visit the guard at the desk, show ID and chill for a few. Text Ed Marczak to pick you up from the foyer if you're anxious.

Please drop your name in this form each month if you know you're attending:

(To be clear, you don't need to fill out that form to attend, but it certainly helps speed the building entry process.)

Ed or Ed will be out to greet you. Text Ed Marczak at 516-662-4185 with any questions or issues getting into the building.

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