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Meeting Notes 2013-18-June


Penn State MacAdmins 2013

East Coast, IT-focused conference for Mac and iOS admins. Web Site []. Conference videos have been released here []


Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's conference. It did not fail to impress. New versions of iOS (v7) and OS X (Mavericks, 10.9) were released as developer previews, and are scheduled to ship this Fall. []

For those with access to the ADC forums (even available with a free Safari developer account), Rich Trouton posted notes on most of the sessions he attended.

Maximizing Apple Development Resources session notes - []

Protecting Your Users' Privacy session notes - []

Notes from Thursday's Security Lab - []

OS X Automation Update session notes - []

AirPrint session notes - []

Protecting Secrets with the Keychain session notes - []

Managing Apple Devices session notes - []

Filesystems Lab notes - []

Mavericks changes the default file sharing protocol from AFP to SMB2 (but don't panic - AFP is still available, but considered deprecated). As a joke, is also accessible at

One of the Mavericks-announced features in Apple's Keynote, Timer Coalescing, is also coming to other platforms, ex: Windows 8: []

New MacPro

The new MacPro is pretty much what people predicted: a super-mini - non-expandable (internally), souped-up graphics cards and 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports. This will likely kick up sales of external expansion chassis (For example: []

AppleTV Updates

While some of us didn't get the API access we were hoping for, there is a new Conference Room Mode for AppleTV: []

"The update also adds a Conference Room Display mode meant mainly for sharing content in meeting rooms. The display mode gives attendees on-screen instructions telling them how they can connect their iOS devices to the Apple TV using AirPlay. "

MacTech Conference

A three-day technology-focused conference that touches on all aspects of Apple technology. Looking for speakers/presenters and attendees. []

Support Items

From []: "Workgroup Manager is not included with OS X Server. If you used Workgroup Manager in a previous release of OS X, the installer removes Workgroup Manager when you upgrade. To administer iOS and OS X systems, use Profile Manager included with OS X Server. Profile Manager delivers configuration profiles and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Macs running OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, and iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch." WGM for 10.8 can be downloaded from []


OpenBSM is a great auditing tool. Rich Trouton has a good blog post on it here: []

Also, see praudit if you plan on using OpenBSM: []

Todd Heberlein is looking for people to help test his new Free Audit Aggregation System (FAAS): []. He's posted an intro video [here -]